What is therankr.com?

The Rankr is a website that ranks and reviews the most popular everyday products from consumer electronics to sports clothing. The Rankr aims to make the consumer’s decision easier when it comes to choosing the correct product through simple and not overly technical yet fully comprehensive reviews and lists.

To provide this service for free, The Rankr relies on the income from affiliate commissions earned by our visitors buying products though our links to Amazon and other sites. So please support us by buying through these links so we can continue bringing you the best reviews.

Why a mixture of lists & reviews?

The lists of the best 5 products in each category allows someone who hasn’t decided on a final product yet to narrow it down by seeing the best 5 available. The best 5 products aren’t just determined by their value for money or specifications. A wide range of attributes including, but not limited to: price, specification, brand image, special features, options available and many others. Hours of research are poured in to our ‘Best 5’ lists so when you read it, you know they are the best products in their respective fields.

Once someone has a look at our lists they can either buy the product they want right there or if they would like a deeper look at the product they can read our in-depth reviews to get an unbiased and well-rounded opinion.

Can i request a review?

Yes, absolutely. If there is a product you are thinking of purchasing and would like it reviewed then please reach out on the Contact Us page and tell us what you would like reviewed and we will try our best to do so.

Business enquiries

If you have a product that you would like reviewed here or would like to do or request a guest post then please get in touch either by the Contact Us page or via email at therankr@gmail.com.