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5 Best Vodkas

Vodka is an essential part of any bar or drinks cabinet and these five below are the best looking, tasting and smoothest vodkas that money can buy. They are best served chilled and so good you will not want to waste them in a drink with a mixer, they’re perfect for drinking straight. Take a look at the 5 best vodkas below.



This silky smooth vodka is critically acclaimed and very subtly flavoured with citrus and aniseed. It was designed by Dan Aykroyd to be the purest vodka and he definitely succeeded. Made from the best quality peaches and cream sweet corn, Crystal Head vodka is number 1 in our list of best vodkas not only for its superior taste and smoothness, but also for its design. The glass skull will look fabulous and complete the look of any drinks cabinet or bar. It's such a sought after bottle that empty ones sell on eBay for up to £20 sometimes.



The classic French vodka made from wheat is one of the most highly regarded vodka brands in the world and often is the top pick for many season drinkers. Perfect on its own or served as part of a long drink or cocktail this vodka is a part of many well respected and well stocked bars all over the world. Know for its smoothness and purity it’s the first choice for many. Other flavours are available and among the best are L’Orange, Citron and Cherry Noir but of course this is down to personal preference. Grey Goose is so smooth it should served straight rather than wasted on mixers. Ask anyone and they will say that Grey Goose is one of the best vodkas out there, we couldn't agree more either.



With its striking design a bottle of U’Luvka is a must have for vodka lovers and bar owners everywhere. U’Luvka is made with Rye, Barley and Wheat and best served chilled. A gift version is available with a set of shot glasses and a box for the bottle, making it a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for any vodka enthusiast. A smooth vodka that makes any normal vodka drink special.



With such a multitude of choice of flavour from Ciroc, it is hard to narrow it down to one but the normal non flavoured bottle is the best for making vodka mixer drinks. However, the Red Berry and Green Apple flavours are lovely when sipped straight up. Ciroc Snap Frost is a smooth and fresh vodka distilled from French grapes of only the finest quality making it one of the best 5 vodkas available to buy and available in a wide range of sizes and flavours.



Stolichnaya is one of the oldest vodka brands in the world, introduced in 1901 and Elit is their premium bottle. Distilled from Wheat and Rye, Stoli Elit is one of the smoothest vodkas available and one of the reasons it made it onto our list. With a modern and cool looking bottle its smooth taste that means it should be in your drinks cabinet. This vodka is best served chilled just like every other bottle in this list should be.

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